QuartzPack™, an enhanced recipe of the original
SandAband mixture, is engineered with carefully
selected quartz particles ranging from nano-size to
0.1 inch (2.5 mm), patented for use in oil/gas wells,
providing a pumpable, chemically inert and gas
tight Well Barrier for eternity.
QuartzPack has Bingham-Plastic rheological
properties ensuring an extremely robust selfhealing
well barrier; Whenever it is stressed
beyond its yield strength, it becomes sheared
into its liquid state, reshaping itself to the
surroundings. In its normal resting state, it remains
a compact gas tight barrier contained inside the
borehole. This ever-lasting reversible mechanical
transformation does not involve any complex
chemical processes and the well barrier will
therefore never fracture, shrink or degrade.
The particle-particle contact and its liquid-filled
voids (bound water and green polymers) makes
it pumpable and non-segregating despite an
extremely high solids content of 85% by weight.

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